Saturday, August 30, 2008

Our First Day Home

Our arrival home was wonderful. I was irritated from the car ride home, but mom had cleaned our house and put fresh flowers everywhere, which made me feel so much better. We got settled in and tried to relax. I had no idea this new job would be so demanding. I dreamed of a peaceful sleeping baby with sugar and spice and everything nice. Stephanie Gean came to visit and brought us a kit to plaster Allison's hand prints. She prayed for Allison and her new life. It was very sweet and touching. The first night was a real eye opener. Every whimper she made I was awake and wanting Tristan to check on her. Any move I made was still unbelievably painful because of the c-section. Tristan was frustrated with having to be the "go between" me and Allison. I finally gave in and let her sleep on my chest. I wasn't scared of rolling over since the pain was so unbearable. We snuggled in and slept... finally.

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