Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving, we traveled to Fayetteville to my Aunt Imelda's beautiful home. Although the weather was a bit chilly, we still had fun. Lunch was prepared by my aunts and friends, and it was absolutely delicious. This was Allison's first Thanksgiving meal (last year was milk). She ate turkey and stuffing and seemed to really enjoy it. Her attention didn't last long, as there was a very noisy table of boys in the other room. She would walk over to peek inside, and then run away giggling. It was so cute. After lunch we sat outside and let her run around. We observed a game of touch football, Whiners vs Tattletales. Throwing the stick for Tripp was an endless game which Allison enjoyed. After lunch at the McClinton's, we drove over to West Fork to the McCue's house for Thanksgiving supper. Ashlee did such a beautiful job of arranging and setting the tables. It looked like a picture from the magazine. The food was absolutely delicious. Fried turkey and all of the fixings. We played games and really had a wonderful time. Allison kept taking Lilli's baby doll, which did not go over well with Lilli. Allison couldn't get enough attention from everyone. She was really cute, as were all of the children who ran around screaming and laughing and playing. Good times!

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